Fear and loathing in crowd funding science

I have built and polished my Pozible page for hips4hipsters I have had all my fabulous ‘team’ of animators, film makers and artists as well as the internal folks at Deakin and Pozible all delivering in good time for the launch tomorrow Oz EST. (And thank you to Adam Micolich (@ad_mico) for the inspiration for the title of this piece)

Now the doubts begin to stalk me.

Have I done enough preparation?
Do I have enough promotional events in place in the coming 45 days to get my message out there?
Is my message easy to understand for the lay person?
And will they be amused/interested enough to reward me with a pledge? Will they find my rewards quirky?
Who are the super tweeters in my field that I can ask (read: beg) to RT my link for me?
Have I been too hyperbolic when trying to communicate the risks of ignoring this issue of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria?
Should I have risked my (barely existent) professional reputation by wearing a beard/flat cap ensemble and dancing with a Hipster skeleton on YouTube or does it endear me to my audience?
How can I amplify my signal to new audiences?
Am I going to piss off my fabulous twitter followers so much, they will abandon me?
Will more than 1% of the people I ‘know’ on social media actually put their hands in their pockets and cough up some cash?
Am I going to receive more bemused ‘pats on the head’ from my superiors but no actual recognition for this unique form of service (again?)
Am I at risk of becoming a ‘performing show pony’ for this concept? (Or is it too late to worry about that?)

But the overarching fear right now is: What if I FAIL? (She screams to an uncaring sky)

This is a high risk strategy…it is a lot of work and I have invested some of my precious research funds to get the show on the road. What if I have set my target too high and I can manage to convince enough people to give me enough pledges to get over the line for this ‘all or nothing’ venture.

But, unlike the normal ‘set and forget’ grant processes traditionally favoured by science funding agencies, there is no room for fatalism. I WILL be able to change the outcome of campaign, depending on my actions. Which is empowering….and for someone as stubborn as me, exhausting.

Let the games begin…




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2 responses to “Fear and loathing in crowd funding science

  1. aah Mel, you aren’t all confidence and bluster at all – there’s a soft centre with doubts and fears just like the rest of us. You are human! I guess there’s always some risk when we ‘have a go’, but ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’, and as you suggest – it nice that the ball’s in ‘your’ court. I reckon you’ve got a great rational for the project that’s very well articulated in the animation and I’m looking forward to hearing more about the research. Game on…


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