Seeing the bigger picture on Crowd Funding preparations at 38,000ft

I write this post whilst sitting on a flight from Singapore to London, scant days from the launch of Hips 4 hipsters. The lovely folks at Singapore Airlines have provided me with marvellous wifi capability on this A380 and I am currently using it to DM James Huston from Bridge8 who is in Melbourne, uploading my campaign animation to the ‘Research my world’ Dropbox…where is it going to be uploaded to the official YouTube Channel by the wonderful Elizabeth Brathwaite (who I am emailing) at Deakin Burwood before I get off this flight. She has already uploaded my ‘talking head’ campaign video this morning while I was sleeping in an Airport Hotel, in Changi.

I have started promoting the video of me talking about my motivations for the campaign (including out takes) to my twitter followers as a ‘Sneak Peek’ and will stick it here for you, Dear Reader.

I have also congratulated the fabulous Catherine Donaldson from Faster Pussycat Productions who designed my logo after I gave her a completely awful brief of a scribbled hand drawn version of my ‘vision’ for the logo…she did a fabulous job and seem excited by its animation by the lovely James.

I have yet to completely polish my Hips 4 Hipsters Pozible project page and I am praying that Matt from Pozible will be checking his email at some wee small hour of Monday AM.

But I have had fabulous help on the rewards angle by a Tasmanian ceramic Artist, Kim Foale @frogpondsrock and Michele Banks @artologica … Just hope the tax man doesn’t skin me too much for actually having rewards of worth this time (as opposed to the ‘priceless’ [read: valueless] maggot art produced for the last crowd funding project.)



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