Crowd funding Science…it’s like giving birth, you forget the pain!

I have decided that my poor neglected blog could use some love and as I am gearing up for my (now annual?) crowd funding campaign, I thought it was an opportune time to dust off the blog and use it for it’s intended purpose. Musing about my own use of online interactive mediums to aid my external quest for scientific (evidenced based) enlightenment.

I have to admit, after running the successful Mighty Maggots campaign last year, I meant to reflect about the experience at that time. But I think I have only recently got over the Post traumatic stress disorder it induced…..clearly, as I am now making another attempt with Hips 4 hipsters which is so new, that link won’t be active until after 5th May.

I am again overloading myself horribly in a way that scientists frequently do for more traditional funding appeals…more commonly know in Australia as ‘grantfest’ (yes, it’s a hashtag….very active over Oct-March on Oz science twitter) and to add to this excitement and the complexity of the task, I am off to Europe for collaborators meetings and a conference on the eve of launching my campaign…which I am sure is causing some anxiety in some quarters with the Brain Trust behind the scenes, but such is my glamorous* life.

But I promised myself – and owe it to the dozens of people who are directed to me as one of the ‘go to’ people for science crowd funding in Australia (and now possibly further afield?) to actually put my experiences in writing this time. And as the community engagement aspects are likely to be online only, I will physically have a little more time to bash off a reflective piece or two on this, my poor neglected blog.

I hope my experiences and the description of how things go this time compared to last time…including my exponential growth** in savvy and strategy with prove an informative treatise for those to read, particularly those thinking (naively) of having a go at themselves.

* not so glamorous when you are taking small children who like to puke on planes on a transcontinental flight over two days each way

** my little microbiologist geek joke there (sorry)




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2 responses to “Crowd funding Science…it’s like giving birth, you forget the pain!

  1. well done on reviving the blog (must do the same thing myself). These journeys we make, and the burdens we create for our own back are worth reflecting on. If not to help heal ourselves through a self-therapy process, then to record the experience and how it helped us become who we are now… Love the Freudian slip of a typo in the last sentence with the missing second last word. 🙂


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