Science Equity?

Noice, love a bit of Oz Sci Comm!

The Seriously Silly Scientist

Hey Guys!

So this will be a quick post before I head off to RiAus for the day.
I want to talk a bit about Dr Paul Willis’ blog post titled ‘Storytelling for Science.’ In this post he mentions this idea of science equity. Dr Paul Willis said this about science equity:

“Instead we need to look at science equity: the ready access to science for all Australians who want it. And the way to deliver science equity is through science engagement: one-on-one interactions with the audience, pitched at their level and distributed across the continent. That’s the future for science communicators and that’s how I want to tell the stories of science.”

I’m unsure about what Dr Paul Willis means by this. Does he mean that all Australians should be able to read any journal article? Someone would have to pay for that and currently, most Australians…

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