Is the media making science boring?

Media is fixated on ‘cool’ (read: gimmicky) reporting – found that out during recent Pozible campaign as I was constanstly over looked by Media Folk for the ‘Maggot Lady’ who could tell stories about picking larvae off dead children in morgues….some one who studies bacterial infections cause by antibiotic resistant microbes just can’t compete with that!!

Bio Science Droid

Before I get deep into this blog post I feel inclined to state that I do not have a science communication qualification, and the opinions expressed here and my conclusion are entirely of my own.

Recently I was sat on a train, destined for London’s St. Pancras International when I found a Metro newspaper stashed in the tray on the back of the seat in front of me. Due to my utter boredom I decided to try and keep myself entertained and read this newspaper – no matter how ignorant and self-indulgent it is – as I needed some sort of entertainment from the mind-numbing journey. But I found my self not even getting past the front page before I felt upset by how the media has portrayed science, sprawled across the headline was “Human Liver grown on the back of rat”*.

*It was not a full liver, but actually…

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