Comic Relief: Science Edition

Is there a new Comedy genre? When will I get the video footage of my Bright Club Melb performance? Will I be sacked by my employer for taking the piss of the new logo/mantra to paying punters?


If you know anything about me, you’d soon come to realise that I love everything British. And to me, what is more British than the iconic panel show? So that is why, last week, when watching the latest episode of Mock the Week one segment jumped straight out at me.

So during this part of the show, a comedian gets given a random topic, chosen by the spinning of an electronic wheel, and has to talk about that topic, saying whatever comes to their mind. So when the wheel was spun and landed on science, I never thought that Chris Addison would talk about the inability of science communication.

(If issues arise watch from 11:03-12:10)

Now lets just think about that clip for a minute, what if science was so easy that it just told us exactly what we were looking for without the complicated jargon? Honestly, who wouldn’t love…

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